Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) Electrical Cancer Therapy

Saisei Tumor Treating Fields

What is Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) Therapy?

  • TTF therapy is a type of electric fields therapy using low-intensity electric fields to suppress cancer cell proliferation in the body.
  • This treatment dates back a long time.
  • TTF therapy generates electric fields in the human body.
  • Interferes with cell division in cancer cells, triggering apoptosis (cell death).

Saisei TTF equipment includes apparel (clothing) and an oscillator, as shown in the picture. TTF equipment varies depending on the tumor location and body size. We are still in the process of improving TTF equipment.

Targeting cancer while you are sleeping. The blood flow in your body is constant while you are sleeping, because you don’t eat and you don’t exercise, which cannot affect the formation of  the electric fields.

This therapy is convenient for many patients, because they need to work during the day time.

What are electric fields?

Electric fields are a field of forces. These forces attract bodies that have an electrical charge. Electric fields from TTF disrupt cell division through physical interaction with key molecules during mitosis.

Electric fields interfere with cell division. In this figure, you can see the division of a cell into two cells. The electric fields are even only in undivided cells. The spindle starts to be formed by the polymerization of the microtubule in dividing cells, leading to mitotic arrest because the distribution of electric fields is not even in dividing cells.

As the cell division is occurring, the cell takes a sandglass-like form. This causes the distribution of electric fields to become uneven, causing apoptosis in cancer cells.

The pictures on the left indicate immunohistochemical staining of abnormal mitotic figures in TTF treated cultures. Green indicates microtubules, red indicates actin and blue indicates DNA.

The picture on the right side indicates a hallmark of apoptosis. Annexin is stained in red.

The difference between Saisei TTF and TTF

Saisei TTF

  • Direct current (DC, pulse)
  • Completely non-contact
  • Penetrating through air layers
  • Low voltages (< 30 Vpp), low frequency (< 100 KHz)
  • Effective for air-contact or interfacial tumors
  • Greater affordability


  • Alternating current (AC)
  • Using high-conductive ceramic electrodes with direct contact to skin (without hair)
  • No-air layer permitted
  • Higher voltages (> 50 V), intermediate frequency
  • Not effective for air-contact tumors
  • Extremely expensive
  • Frequent dermatitis side effect

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Treatment example of brain tumors and breast cancer


We have published a number of examples of brain tumors and breast cancer that were treated with electric fields therapy with photos.

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Macrophages Exhibit a Large Reportoire of Activation States via Multiple Mechanisms of Macrophage-activating Factors

Safety and side effects of TTF

This treatment does not affect normal cells so there are far fewer side effects reported compared to chemotherapy. No serious side effects have been reported.

Information required for TTF
  • Name of disease:
  • Metastasis (location of tumors):
  • Head circumference (cm):
  • Upper chest circumference (cm):
  • Waist circumference (cm):
  • Hip circumference (cm):
  • Height (cm):
  • Weight (kg):
  • Age of patient:

If you have a recent MRI, CT or PET scan, please save image files (such as .jpg format) of sections showing the tumor areas and email them to us.

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