Advanced therapy

Cancer vaccine therapy

Immunotherapy: Cancer vaccine therapy Cancer vaccines come in several forms Cancer vaccines are designed to stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells that already exist. In Japan, cancer vaccines are categorized into: Autologous cancer vaccines: formalin-fixed tumor tissue Dendritic cell therapy: with apheresis or without apheresis   Artificial antigens: WT-1, MUC-1 and many Tumor lysate Adjuvant: tuberculin, OK-432 Injection: subcutaneous, intracutaneous Vaccines are often combined with adjuvants, which help boost the immune response even further. Cancer Vaccine Therapy Autologous cancer vaccine-derived from formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded tissue fragments from a patient’s own cancer. Contains all the unknown cancer-associated antigens unique to a particular patient. Vaccine has potential in suppressing recurrence, […]

Gene therapy – PTEN/P53

Cancer gene therapy – P53 and PTEN Gene therapy P53 and PTEN at Saisei Cancer gene therapy using normal P53 and PTEN tumor suppressor genes Acquired gene mutations are the most common cause of cancer They occur from damage to genes during a person’s life. They are not passed from parent to child. Cancer gene therapy is a type of treatment which uses normal genes to destroy cancer cells. The gene is usually taken into the cancer cell by a carrier called a vector. The most common vectors used in gene therapy are viruses. However, Saisei has started using liposomes instead of whole viruses as a vector in order to […]

Naive T/NK cell therapy

The combination therapy with systemically administered T lymphocytes, Naive T cells, and NK cells (natural killer cells) demonstrated significant clinical activity in some patients with cancer in clinical trials involving more than 100 cases. Naive T/NK cell therapy Immunotherapy: Naive T & NK Cell Therapy White blood cells, also called leukocytes, are found throughout the body and are essential for protecting against infectious agents and foreign material. Neutrophils and monocytes are phagocytes. Lymphocytes are comprised of B cells, T cells, and NK cells. (Monocytes have a longer life span than other leukocytes.) Dendritic cells, macrophages and B lymphocytes are called antigen-presenting cells, which basically have the same function. Immunotherapy: Naive […]

Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT)

Introduction to Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT) What is SDT? How does it work? Is it safe? Is it effective? Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT) What is Sonodynamic Therapy? Sonodynamic therapy is a new cancer modality, which has huge potential in the treatment of cancer. Compared to photodynamic therapy (PDT), sonodynamic therapy has the advantage that ultrasound can penetrate deeply into the body. As you can see, we use low-intensity ultrasound to activate sensitizers in combination with ozone therapy or a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to increase oxygenation in cancer tissue. Equipment used for SDT – low intensity ultrasound (top) to activate sensitizer, ozone therapy or hyperbaric oxygen chamber to increase oxygenation Introduction to Sonodynamic […]

HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy

HIFU is a cutting edge minimally invasive/non-invasive treatment that results in necrosis of cancer tissue and can be used repeatedly. HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy Principles of HIFU therapy system This system has the ability to deliver high-intensity focused ultrasound from an external source deep into the tissues. Transducer Frequency = 1.1 MHz Aperture diameter = 37 cm Radius of curvature = 25.5 cm 251 element array Configuration was chosen to reduce the risk of skin burns Principles of HIFU therapy system The focus is oval in shape and is around 10 mm wide and 3 mm in diameter, with an 80 degrees convergence angle. The tissue temperature reaches over 60°C within seconds, causing coagulative […]

Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) Electrical Cancer Therapy

Saisei Tumor Treating Fields What is Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) Therapy? TTF therapy is a type of electric fields therapy using low-intensity electric fields to suppress cancer cell proliferation in the body. This treatment dates back a long time. TTF therapy generates electric fields in the human body. Interferes with cell division in cancer cells, triggering apoptosis (cell death). Saisei TTF equipment includes apparel (clothing) and an oscillator, as shown in the picture. TTF equipment varies depending on the tumor location and body size. We are still in the process of improving TTF equipment. Targeting cancer while you are sleeping. The blood flow in your body is constant while you […]

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