Keihan Clinic

Keihan Clinic Osaka Japan,
We are working on the treatment of Cancer and Immunotherapy.
We will offer our treatments to more patients.

Keihan Clinic

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Nature 21 Building 2nd Floor 3-34-8
Okubo-cho Moriguchi-shi Osaka 570-0012 Japan
TEL: +8 1(0)6-6902-1001 FAX: +81 (0)6-6902-1001

Japanese National holidays closure dates
Keihan Clinic will be closing from Saturday the 27th of April until Monday the 6th of May.

Clinic opening hours

9:00 – 17:009:00 – 17:009:00 – 17:009:00 – 17:009:00 – 17:00ClosedClosed
※ Clinics are closed on Sundays and regular public holidays. In addition clinics are closed for special year-end and New Year holidays, spring Golden Week and summer Obon holidays.

Medical treatments

Cancer immunotherapy treatments

Medical treatments


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) treatment

ASD support with Saisei Make your brain happy and live fully! Embrace joy in every moment of life! What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Autism (ASD) includes a wide range of conditions that affect how people communicate, interact, and behave. Some may have trouble with changes, focus on small details, or react differently to what they see, hear, or feel. People with ...

Note: Not all therapies are available at every Saisei Mirai treatment center.


Nature 21 Building 2nd Floor 3-34-8
Okubo-cho Moriguchi-shi Osaka 570-0012 Japan

How to get there

From Kansai International Airport (KIX):
•Kansai Airport Limousine bus
•Take the bus to Dainichi Station.
•Tickets can be purchased from machines near the bus stop.
•KATE : Website
•Take a taxi From Dainichi Station to Keihan Clinic.


If you use the railway

From Shin-Osaka Shinkansen station:
|     Subway Midosuji Line (about 6 minutes)
|     Walk (about 6 minutes)
|     Subway Tanimachi Line (about 19 minutes)
|     Taxi (about 10 minutes)
Keihan Clinic

•After getting off the Shinkansen bullet train at Shin-Osaka station, walk to subway Midosuji Line. Take the subway from Shin-Osaka to Umeda.
•From Umeda, exit and walk to Higashi-Umeda station and take the subway Tanimachi Line to Dainichi (last stop).
•Get off at Dainichi station. Take a taxi from Dainichi to Keihan Clinic.
Osaka Metro

Use HyperDia Timetable and Route Search to check train times and routes:

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