Cancer vaccine therapy

Immunotherapy: Cancer vaccine therapy

Cancer vaccines come in several forms

Cancer vaccines are designed to stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells that already exist.

In Japan, cancer vaccines are categorized into:

  1. Autologous cancer vaccines: formalin-fixed tumor tissue
  2. Dendritic cell therapy: with apheresis or without apheresis
  • Artificial antigens: WT-1, MUC-1 and many Tumor lysate
  • Adjuvant: tuberculin, OK-432
  • Injection: subcutaneous, intracutaneous
Vaccines are often combined with adjuvants, which help boost the immune response even further.

Cancer Vaccine Therapy

  • Autologous cancer vaccine-derived from formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded tissue fragments from a patient’s own cancer.
  • Contains all the unknown cancer-associated antigens unique to a particular patient.
  • Vaccine has potential in suppressing recurrence, preventing metastasis, and treating residual cancer cells in several human cancer types after surgical resection.

Preparation of autologous cancer vaccine

Following surgery, more than 2 grams of cancer tissue is used to elicit adequate immune response. At Saisei, we use adjuvants such as tuberculin and TuMP. The prepared vaccine needs to be injected every 1-2 weeks.

Cancer Vaccine Therapy

Dendric Cell Vaccine

Preparation of dendric cell vaccine

First, the patient’s blood sample is taken and monocytes are cultivated in a cell processing center (CPC). Second, immature dendritic cells are isolated and mixed with tumor lysate or artificial antigens. Finally mature antigen-presenting dendritic cells are injected subcutaneously near the lymph nodes that are close to the cancer.

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