Dietary MAF (New generation)

MAF Series are a food which helps boost the immune system.

What is Oral MAF?

We make MAF using our patent technology from milk proteins.
MAF stands for Macrophage Activating Factor.
Oral MAF products are Saisei Mirai Clinic’s very own products which we researched, developed, and produce.

Case reports of cow colostrum

The research on cow colostrum has been proceeding. Here are some reports about the effectiveness on the human body.

  1. boosting the immune system
  2. preventing cold and flu, and the infectious diseases such as Rotavirus
  3. regulating the functions of the intestines
  4. enhancing the muscular and physical strength
  5. anti-aging

Cow colostrum as food

  1. This is the food made of the cow colostrum powder
  2. Colostrum is similar to blood components
  3. You can take it either sublingually or orally
  4. 4.It activates macrophage and helps boost the immune system

Colostrum and anti-aging on the immune system

Immune system is a system to keep your body healthy. It protects you from bacteria and viruses, and also it can get rid of cancer cells. However, the biological function and physical performance reach their peak from the 20s of age, waning in half in the 40s. As the immune system weakens with age, it becomes easier to get sick. So it is important to keep boosting your immune system and keep it young so that you can lead a good long life.

Role of macrophages

1. Function as Natural Killer (NK) cells

Macrophages function as NK cells which engulf and digests cancer cells, viruses and microbes. It is produced by the differentiation of monocytes in tissue which account for 5% in the white blood cells. This is an amoeboid cell and plays an important role in engulfing and digesting cellular debris, foreign substances, microbes and cancer cells. It used to be thought that there were 2 kinds of differentiations: macrophages that encourage inflammation called M1 macrophages and macrophages that decrease and encourage tissue repair called M2 macrophages.

But recently it is believed that there are several activated forms of macrophages such as classic activated macrophages, wound healing macrophages, suppression macrophages or intermediate activated forms of macrophages, and the diversity of macrophage activation still remains unknown.

There are several case reports of having treated HIV, breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer by activated macrophages. So the evaluation and recognition of activated macrophages have started to be the focus of attention in treating many kinds of diseases.

This is the process of how activated macrophages destroy the cancer cells.

  1. The activated macrophages are combined directly with the cancer cells.
  2. The activated macrophages destroy the cancer cells by releasing chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide.

2. Function as Dendritic cells

Once the macrophages take in the antigen, it releases cytokines and activates a specific T cell. It fragments foreign substances that the macrophages have taken in and decomposed, and combines them with MHC-Ⅱ in the cells and presents them on the surface of the cell. This is called antigen presentation by the macrophages.

▲the macrophages are destroying the cancer cells

3. Antiangiogenic effect

According to the animal experiments, it is identified that GcMAF has antiangiogenic effect of the cancer.

The signal of the antigen presentation by the macrophages is transmitted into a lymphocyte called T helper cells. Mature T helper cells express the surface protein CD4 and the receptor protein T-cell receptor. And each protein combines with MHC-Ⅱ of the macrophages and the antigen presented by the macrophages so that the macrophages start to be activated. The structure of the T-cell receptor is different depending on each T helper cell. Only a T helper cell which fits with an antigen fragment presented by the macrophages will be activated.

The activated T helper cells activate the macrophages by producing the cytokines such as interleukin and lymphokine as well as activate B cells which recognize the same antigen. The activated B cells differentiate into the antibody producing cells and increase, and then produce the antibody against the antigen, and then release them. And the antibody combines specifically with the antigen, and then engulfs the complex. The virus and microbes can be engulfed efficiently for the macrophages. Meanwhile T cells help activating macrophages, increasing and differentiating B cells by releasing lymphokine. Therefore, the macrophage activating treatment is a treatment that makes the most of the immune system that each person originally has. Furthermore, it can be said that this is the treatment which combines both NK cell treatment and Dendritic cell treatment.

What’s GcMAF?

The researchers who have been developing GcMAF

These are the photos of Dr Yamamoto, who developed first generation GcMAF, and Dr Hitoshi Hori and Dr Yoshihiro Uto from Tokushima University, the center of the GcMAF development in Japan for the last 20 years.

The history of GcMaf development

1991 Dr.Yamamoto discovered GcMAF.
1992 Dr.Yamamoto visited Tokushima university.
1998 Dr.Uto joined the development team.
2002 The first research paper was published.(The first generation GcMaf)
2010 Tokushima University and Saisei Mirai started to do research and develop the second generation GcMaf together.
2011 The second generation GcMaf was produced at Saisei Mirai Cell Culture Center as clinical trial, and the clinical validation was started.
2012 It’s been 20 years since the GcMaf research started at Tokushima University.
2013 Over 1000 cases of the second generation GcMaf use were applied at Saisei Mirai.
2014 The third paper was published on Anticancer Research.
2015 Tokushima university and Saisei Mirai succeeded in the development of Colostrum GcMAF for the first time in the world.
2019 Tokushima university and Saisei Mirai succeeded in the development of Oral GcMAF from milk proteins like whey other than colostrum.

The subtype depending on the difference of GcMaf sugar chain

There are three genotypes such as Gc1f, Gc1s and Gc2 in Gc Subtype. There become six types in total because two dimers as homo and hetero are combined as phenotype. That is Gc1f1f, G1s1s, Gc22, Gc1f1s, Gc1f2 and Gc1s2.

Transformation of Gc Protein into GcMAF

N.Yamamoto, et al., J. Immunol., 151,2794-2802, 1993.

GcProtein is transformed into GcMaf in response to sugar chain cut of activated β-galactosidase from activated B cells and Sialidase from T cells.

Physiological activity of GcMaf

There are six important activities: acceleration of phagocytic activation, increase in superoxide production, inhibition of vascularization, promotion of the anti-tumor activity and dendritic cell maturation promotion. Increase of mononuclear number in blood and dendritic cell maturation promotion have not been reported. The slides below show these cases.

The first generation GcMAF anti-tumor activity tests

Nonaka K., Onizuka S., Uto Y., et al., J. Surgical Res., 172, 116-22, 2012.

This is the tests used by mice. The group treated with the first generation GcMAF shows the strong tumor inhibitory effect compared to the one not treated. The tumor didn’t get big.

The second generation GcMaf anti-tumor activity tests

Kuchiike D., Uto Y., et al., Anticancer Res., 33, 2881-5, 2013. Uto Y., et al., PCT/JP2012/072884

This is also the tests used by mice. The black line shows the group not treated, and the green dot line shows the one treated with the first generation GcMAF. It clearly shows that the survival rate got prolonged compared to the one without treating and the one treated with the first generation GcMAF.

Component comparison in colostrum and serum

TPg/dl6.5 –
Albg/dl3.7 – 5.521.
A/G 1.55 – 2.550.440.450.171.641.971.96
Alb%60.8 – 71.8   62.166.366.2
Uric acid (UA)mg/dl 000.3   
alpha1%1.7 – 2.9   33.63.4
alpha2%5.7 – 9.5
beta%7.2 – 11.1   8.98.510.2
gamma%10.2 – 20.4   16.712.512.8
IgGmg/dl820 – 174087145692411399071019
IgAmg/dl90 – 400423613228117197
IgMmg/dl31 – 200272125911513662

They are similar. The first few hour colostrum after giving birth is particularly similar to serum. It is said that red colored milk is produced at first after a cow gave a birth. But after 24 hours, the component has been changed a lot and it becomes regular milk.

Gut associated lymphoid tissue

Peyer’s patch where there are plenty of macrophages

GALT, or Gut associated lymphoid tissue, is said to be the biggest macrophage pool in the body. And it is known that plenty of macrophages exist in the Peyer’s patch. Colostrum MAF aims to activate these macrophages directly. Professor Uto, Tokushima University, has started the basic experiment of colostrum MAF and GALT. And we are looking forward to the results.

Phagocytic activity of Colostrum GcMAF

It shows that 10ng first generation GcMAF and 100ng Colostrum MAF are almost the same in activation.

It shows that 100ng Oral Colostrum MAF and 10ng first generation GcMAF is almost the same in activation. Therefore, it is expected that using 10 times as much colostrum MAF will bring the same effect as the first generation GcMAF. Oral Colostrum MAF contains 200ng per capsule. So if one capsule a day is taken, it is expected to gain the same effect as the first generation GcMAF. But it is still under investigation. It should be possible to contain 1500ng per capsule.

Patent pending : No 2013-257888

Lymphatic system and GcMAF

By stimulating directly the lymphatic system near the lesioned part, the macrophages will be activated.

Taking sublingually, by nebulizer, by capsule, or by suppository are considered. It is thought that it should be more effective to stimulate directly the lymphatic system near the lesioned part. A clinic in Switzerland has been using the ultrasonic nebulizer to take GcMAF produced by the serum. But then we think that it will be needed to experiment to make sure if the structure of the GcMAF will not be changed by the ultrasonic nebulizer.

Oral GcMAF products and experiments

Product picture

You can buy these products via below link,

Saisei Pharma

Experiment of macrophage phagocytic activity

Macrophage phagocytic activity is being tested. This test is the most important test to see the function of the macrophages.

Oral MAF adaptation cases

Cancers, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), lyme disease, rheumatoid Arthritis, infectious diseases such as influenza, Noro virus, malaria, dengue fever, HIV, hepatitis B type and C type, tuberculosis, autoimmune disease, etc,


Consume with water.

Introduction of “Saisei Pharma”

Saisei Pharma is a bio venture company established at Tokushima university in 2014, developing Oral Colostrum GcMAF and researching ultrasonic sensitizers and electric field therapy. And it aims to treat acute infection, chronic infection, cancer, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and many other diseases.
Saisei Pharma

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